what we are


Qualified, trained and experienced staff who are capable of handling your project to your complete satisfaction


More than 8 years of experience in selling premium modular furniture with world class accessory, appliance and other products.


Dozens of projects handed over in time, with as many happy customers, supported by leading architects and interior contractors.

Modular Kitchen

what we do

Full service modular furniture dealer

Here are the process and various stages for you to buy custom made modular kitchen, wardrobe and lifestyle furniture from us. At each stage, our experienced and skilled team will assist you to make your choice and decisions, simpler and easier.

01 Consulting

When you want to buy modular kitchen, wardrobe or any other modular furniture, you may have a lot of things in your mind to clarify. You may ask us about the design, the brands, quality of materials, price, options or anything else you want to know.

02 Design

We can work with the design provided to you by your architect or interior designer, or else, we can create a design to suit your specific needs, room size and budget. Our designs are very detailed and can accomodate fittings and accessories from many brands.

03 Estimation

Once there is a design, we can provide detailed estimates for  the materials of your choice for the cabinets and shutters, for all the hardware fittings, accessories, appliances, sink, faucets, LED lights counter tops, fabrication and any other related cost.

04 Selection

We offer a wide range of choices for your modeular furniture. We have 18 colors of cabinets, done in various grades of plywood and other engineered wood materials. There are more than 15 varieties of shutter finishers, each with many texture and color choice.

05 Detailed Quote

Once you have a finalised design, we shall provide you a detailed item-wise quote for all the products with quantity required, price and discounts. This will include  the cost of   materials, all taxes and duties, delivery expenses to your site and installation.

06 Finalisation

 Now that, you have  the finalised design and detailed quote, it is time for you to evaluate and confirm the order. Any changes are still possible at this stage to suit your needs. Once you are happy with everything, you can pay advance and finalise the order with us.

07 Production

The modular kitchen, wardrobe and other lifestyle furniture we sell are made in factories with state of the art German machinery. We shall get the panels manufactured as per the specifications and sizes.

08 Delivery

The fabricated modular kitchen and furniture will be properly packed and dispatched from the factory direct to your site. This will be delivered and kept in a place under lock and key till our technicians arrive.

09 Installation

 Our trained technicians and supervisors will ensure perfect installation at your site. All hardware and accessories shall be installed as per the manufacturers installation guidelines.

10 Final Inspection

Once the installation is completed, our site supervisor will conduct a thorough check and necessary corrections and alignments will be carried out to ensure perfection, and quality standards.

11 Handover

We shall give you a demo of the modular kitchen, appliances and other fittings in the kitchen, so that you can get the maximum utility for the money you spend for your modern modular kitchen.

12 Life Long Service

All products we sell comes with warranty from the manufacturer. Even after the free service period and warranty period, we are just a call away to take care of  your service needs.

Our Core Values


We believe in providing exceptional quality in all our product and service to our customers. Attention to details is our second nature. We strive to better our standards on quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control.


New design ideas, products and materials are the basis of our offerings to our customer. Contemporary trends  and materials from international markets are brought to your home, at affordable price points.


The foundation of our business is the trust we build with our customers.
“Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.” – Chip Bell


  • To provide utmost satisfaction and value to our customers for all the products and service they avail from us.
  • To create a bank of loyal customers by enhancing their lifestyles and also be a part of their happy life.
  • To complete all projects we undertake at the agreed time with zero cost escalation, as per agreed specifications, thereby ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Our vision

We envision to be a leading Modular Furniture solution provider in Kerala, delivering a wide variety of aesthetically superior, functional and durable Modular Kitchen, Wardrobes and LifeStyle Furniture to our customers.