Modular kitchen planning

Modular kitchen planning – Brief explanation

Experience tells us that a modular kitchen will last about 15 years or longer if built using quality materials and process. So, it’s important that it not only looks good, but is practical and functional too. Good planning and preparation are needed when buying a modular kitchen, this helps you to make sensible decisions. For this, you need the help from an experienced modular kitchen planner in designing a modular kitchen adapted to your needs, lifestyle and budget. You should also pick and choose each and every thing which goes into your dream kitchen.

A good start to this process is to consult us and check out the products and services available. We are sure, your time will be well spent in deciding what you want to buy for your modular kitchen, wardrobes and for your home interiors.

There are different zones in a modular kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are designed and built to cater to the specific needs of each of these zones and to enhance the overall functionality. For example, the cooking zone will have a cooking hob and hood, with required number of burners as per your need and budget, the chimney will be an efficient unit, which will be functional and aesthetically complimenting the modular kitchen. Your cutleries, spices, oils, pulses and other items you regularly use for cooking will be conveniently stored in units near your hob, which will make your cooking convenient and enjoyable. Each other zones in your kitchen are equally important and need meticulous planning and execution.

Our modular kitchens are custom built as per your selection of materials and the room size, which fits in nicely to your allocated budget. We use boiling water proof marine ply 710 grade to make the cabinets, which are available comes in over 18 different colour shades and have 18+ different varieties of exterior finishes. Each kitchen we build will be unique in the colour combination and selection of accessories, and for you, it will be a style statement. Each of the cabinets, drawers, pull out, tall units, corner units, wall units will be designed to maximise the use of available space.

Modern kitchen accessories, appliances and sinks play an important role in the functionality of your kitchen. You choose each of these considering your requirements and budget. The most used appliances in the kitchens in Kerala are the gas hobs, which comes in many sizes and burner configurations. We help you choose the best one to suit your cooking habits and budget. The next important one is the refrigerator, which is directly connected to your food habits and lifestyle. Choose an energy efficient one which has space to store all your food items and has enough space in the freezer. All other appliances which go into your kitchen also need careful planning and selection. Our experts will guide you to pick the ones which are best for your needs.

Another important part of the kitchen is the counter top and the dado tile. This is another area which requires some planning, as the counter top space is at a premium in any kitchen. You use the countertops for the cutting and chopping of vegetables, fish meat etc, to keep your vessels while cooking, your mixier grinder, blenders etc are mostly used on your countertop, so space planning is very critical and needs an expert to do this for you. The fabrication of countertops, especially in sealing water seepages to the cabinets below require skills and technique which ensure the durability of the kitchen. Improper setting of kitchen sinks is one of the prime reasons for repeated maintenance, this should be avoided and should be done right while the kitchen fabrication. Our experienced and skilled technicians will ensure a proper and durable installation of countertops and dado tiles, which will stand the test of times.

LED lights enhances the beauty and functionality of a modular kitchen. Depending on the budget, you can have lights within your tall units, wall units, drawers and also can have soft light falling on the countertops to make it convenient for you to work on. There are LED lights of different types, in different colour tones and intensity, this also needs to be selected and installed with expert supervision.

As you can see from above there are lots of areas where an expert and experienced modular kitchen provider like us can add tremendous value to your kitchen plan and execution.

Please get in touch with us today, to plan and build your dream kitchen.