Magna 60-4 built in hob with brass burners 60 cms – Hafele


Features and benefits

  • Magna 60-4 built in hob
  • Supernova Brass Burners
  • Cast Iron Pan Support
  • Toughened Glass
  • Soft touch knobs
  • Auto Ignition
  • Flame fail safety device (FFSD)


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MAGNA 60-4 built in hob with brass burners 60 cms

Magna series hobs consists of powerful brass burners with different power variations that aids in faster and efficient cooking experience. Unlike the conventional hods, the Magna series hobs are sleek and easy  to handle while cooking and are very easy to maintain.


The special design triple flame brass burners are super powerful with an output of over 4kW of power.



FFSDMagnaSeries 2( Flame failure safety device ) on all burners, shuts the gas supply in-case the flame goes off accidentally.



MagnaSeries 3

Premium soft touch knobs with seamless movements helps to control the flame output as per the requirement of the user.



MagnaSeries 4

Press and turn  the knob and the auto ignition gets activated. No need of a lighter to ignite the hob.



MagnaSeries 5

Stainless steel drip tray that avoids spillage and is very easy to clean




MagnaSeries 6

Contemporary flat cast iron pan support design for better stability.




MagnaSeriesFFSDFFSD activate the moment the gas burner flame goes off and automatically cuts off the gas supply to the burners thus preventing any instance of gas leakage. The result – you kitchen and home is safe from any kind of gas leakage accidents.

Once the thermocouple comes in contact with heat ( generated through t he lit flame) it controls the gas value through FFSD valve through the coil, which in turn compresses the spring within the valve and generates gas supply.

In-case the flame goes off accidentally, the thermocouple cools down and releases the spring within the FFSD valve, there by cutting off the gas supply to the burner. This process secures your appliances and kitchen environment of any gas leakage.